How to save money on the catering for your wedding

A wedding is a large event that requires a lot of planning and consideration. It can also become quite an expensive event. One of the largest costs you'll have to pay for your wedding might be the catering. Most guests expect to be offered high quality food and drink presented by professional caterers, and that won't come cheap. However, there are ways to cut back on your catering budget without cutting back on quality. In order to make the catering for your wedding less expensive, while still offering high quality food and drink, there are a few things you should think about.

Seated dinner

A lot of people choose the buffet option of their event catering, as this means not as much thought has to be put into each dish when the guests can choose from many different dishes. This might, however, not be very beneficial for your budget. A seated dinner can be more economically beneficial than a buffet just because you'll be in control of the amount of food served and can thereby save money by paying for less food. If you want to cut back the costs on a seated dinner further, you could also ask friends or family to act as waitresses, as you then don't have to pay the catering services firm any fees for labour.


You should also think about the cost for the bar. Most weddings have open bars, and many guests expect it to be that way. In order to save money, you should think about what you're serving. Limit the options to one type of beer and one type of wine. This will prevent you from having to spend money on more drink than is necessary. You could also consider buying the beer from microbreweries located in the area, as businesses like these might charge you less just for the opportunity to market their product. By doing that, you'll also save money on shipping costs.


Another thing you should keep in mind is what glassware you're using. Consider only one type of plate for all the dishes, as specialised plates usually are more expensive to rent. You could also consider using only one type of glass for all the guests and limit the amount of glasses per guest to one. Just remember to rent a few more of each item than you think you'll need. Catering services are professionals in handling glassware, but an accident can happen, and you don't want any of your guests to be denied a glass or plate. 

For more information about your options for keeping costs low, start contacting local event catering companies.