Why Install a Water Filter?

What are the benefits of having an undersink water filter? You are pretty sure that you want your water filtered, but you are not so sure about the exact details. This article will give you an overview of some of the advantages of using a water filter.

Health Benefit

What does a water filter do? You know it is supposed to filter the water and make it "healthier," but that word is more like some definition in the sky than really anything else. You don't actually know what the undersink water filter does to promote your health. Well, this can be explained easily. The city puts chlorine in the water to clean it of bacteria which would be harmful to your body. The only problem is that large amounts of chlorine can also be harmful to your body. Water filters remove the chlorine and any bacteria that is left over so that the quality and taste of the water is improved. Some water filters even remove the lead from water immediately before you drink it. However, you would need to consult the various models of water filters available to know which ones offer such a service.


Next, you must look at the cost of such a venture. How much does a water filter cost? Is it worth the price tag? The answer is yes. A water filter saves you from needing to buy bottled water. That saves you some money right there. Also, if you consider the amount you will spend on a water filter (you can usually find a lot of variety for under $100), then you can compare that to what you might spend on medical treatments. Regular tap water increases the risk of developing some cancers, gastrointestinal disease, and others, while drinking filtered water will help you see fewer negative results. How much is your health worth to you?

Aesthetic Benefit

Last, there is the aesthetic benefit. If your kitchen is very organized and you don't want a filter sticking out like an odd thumb, don't worry. The undersink water filter will not have multiple tubes and valves that clutter up your kitchen space. While this type of water filter takes a little longer to install, your under-the-sink space provides plenty of space for buying the model of filter you want to perform specific filtering functions. You can even select a faucet that matches your kitchen décor so that you can have safe drinking water and have your kitchen continue to look amazing.