How to Choose the Right Restuarant for Your Teen’s Birthday Meal

Teenage years can be an awkward time when it comes to birthdays. Your child feels too old for a kids' party, but they're not old enough to go out to bars or clubs. A birthday meal is the perfect solution. It feels more mature than a party, but there's still room for plenty of friends to attend. If your child's at an age where they find spending time with family awkward, you can let them have the meal with friends only, dropping them off and picking them up at the end. Read More 

Why Install a Water Filter?

What are the benefits of having an undersink water filter? You are pretty sure that you want your water filtered, but you are not so sure about the exact details. This article will give you an overview of some of the advantages of using a water filter. Health Benefit What does a water filter do? You know it is supposed to filter the water and make it "healthier," but that word is more like some definition in the sky than really anything else. Read More