Hosting a Fancy Breakfast Event

If you need to host a high-end event but do not have the funds for a multi-course lunch or dinner, it can often be much more affordable to throw a fancy breakfast. You can offer a range of gourmet breakfast food options and drinks to create a classy and high-end event on a much lower budget compared to an event later in the day. Here are some tips when planning a breakfast event.  

Offer a range of menu options

Some people like to have a healthy breakfast to start their day, while other people prefer more indulgent options. Try offering some food for everyone by including a fresh fruit platter, yoghurt cups topped with muesli and some gourmet pastries from your local bakery. You can often get a great price on gourmet pastries if you organise a bulk order with the bakery a few days before, especially if you also organise some labels showing the bakery where you sourced the baked goods. 

Keep the drinks menu simple

It's easiest to keep your drink options simple by offering a range of herbal and traditional tea blends as well as coffees. It's a good idea to have both caffeinated and decaffeinated options for coffees as some of your guests may need a coffee shot to get them going - while others like to avoid caffeine. You can also have some pre-pressed orange and apple juices on hand, for anyone who prefers a cold drink. 

You can also offer mimosas, which are drinks made by mixing sparkling wine with orange juice. As the wine is mixed with juice you can use an affordable sparkling wine as much of the subtle touches of a higher-end wine will be masked by the strong taste of the juice. 

Use some plain colour crockery with rustic touches

In order to make the food buffet look as classy as possible, it's good to serve your food on plain colour crockery. You can keep the decorations simple by piling your pastries in a basket lined with plain 'natural-coloured' (brown or beige) cloth and serving your other options on large wooden platters. By keeping the crockery and decorations simple yet rustic you can keep the cost down while giving your event a high-class aesthetic. 

If you are running a high-end event on a low-level budget it can be a great idea to run a breakfast event. By keeping the decorations simple yet classy, and offering a range of tasty pastries and other breakfast options your guests will be extremely impressed by the event that you are running.