Four Tips For Party Planning Perfection

Whatever the occasion, planning a party can be ridiculously stressful and costly. What people seldom realise, is that it doesn't have to be! With a little know how, you can arrange a fabulous soirée with minimal hassle. Follow these four simple tips to achieving party planning perfection without breaking the bank.  1. Remember the guests! A party wouldn't be a party without people. It may seem obvious, but do not forget to invite the guests. Read More 

Hosting a Fancy Breakfast Event

If you need to host a high-end event but do not have the funds for a multi-course lunch or dinner, it can often be much more affordable to throw a fancy breakfast. You can offer a range of gourmet breakfast food options and drinks to create a classy and high-end event on a much lower budget compared to an event later in the day. Here are some tips when planning a breakfast event. Read More 

3 Kids Party Catering Tips That Keep Cleanup to a Minimum

When it comes to your children's birthdays, the only thing more stressful than pre-party planning is post-party cleanup. Young and older children alike can be very messy, particularly when you have a dozen (or more!) of them in one space. No matter how much you subtly encourage the little angels to clean up after themselves when they're done eating, there'll always be some who take advantage of being outside their own home and toss litter left, right and centre. Read More 

Vegetarian Delight | 4 Fabulous Dish Ideas To Make The Potato Your Party Hero

If you're trying to come up with a super innovative idea for your next party, a single vegetarian ingredient like the potato can help you don the hat of a creative chef. Whether you choose to throw a mixed veg and non-veg or an all veg party in your home, let these fabulous dish ideas help you make the potato your party hero. All you need is to purchase some commercial bulk potatoes (enough for your guests) and you're good to go! Read More 

Making a bouquet of multiple-layered chocolate and cellophane flowers for a special friend

Use layers of different types of chocolate to produce magic, multi-layered chocolates at the centre of the 'flowers' in a chocolate bouquet to give to a special friend.  Designing the flowers: The flowers in the bouquet are made of mini cake pops covered with layers of different coloured chocolate. These are them covered with layers of cellophane. Making the cake pops: Combine crumbled sponge cake with either vanilla or chocolate butter icing to form a paste. Read More