Catering For Your Event: Hiring A Caterer Vs. Doing It Yourself

Do you have an event coming up and are wondering how to feed your guests? Well, regardless of whether it's a simple birthday party, a wedding or a corporate dinner, there are two main ways to ensure that food lands on the tables of your guests before the end of the function. In this article, discover what these options are and why you should consider them.

Hiring a catering company

This is one of the more common events solutions. You simply hire a catering company and let them handle all the work on your important day. Of course, you will have to explain what foods and drinks you want presented to your guests. You will also have to select the catering company carefully to ensure that they can deliver. They will then source food and drinks and serve them to your guests as agreed upon. The food may be prepared on your premises or elsewhere.

Catering companies are great because they offer a full service and showcase a lot of professionalism in their work. After all, it's what they do. They have all the needed equipment and transport facilities to get the job done. This allows you to relax and enjoy the event without having to worry about food matters. On the downside, catering services can be expensive for small budget functions.

Hiring your own staff

In contrast, you can decide to take charge of the situation and manage the food preparation process all by yourself. Here, you'll need to hire cooks and servers for the event. You'll also source the food supplies yourself. This option allows you to control the food preparation process and the delivery service in any way you like. Most importantly, you get to control the costs as you can hire the staff and buy the food the meets your budget. 

However, unlike a catering company where everyone is used to working together, this methodology can bring about disorganization and poor delivery. In addition, you may not get to enjoy the event as you will be busy coordinating everything. This includes arranging for the transportation of supplies, training of the staff and hiring any needed equipment, e.g. cool rooms or freezers. Also, should the whole process fall below par, you will be liable to blame.

So, hire a catering company or do it yourself? The first option is great for a no-fuss event where you don't want to take any chances on the outcome of the food. Option two is only ideal where you are confident that you can manage the process by yourself and deliver an appetizing meal to your guests.