Cooking Considerations When Scouting For a Function Venue

One of the main concerns when hosting an event is finding the perfect venue for your guests. Although there may be a myriad of options to choose from, ranging from indoor to outdoor venues, your choice would ultimately depend on your requirements as well as the regulations stipulated by the various venues. When searching for a function venue, you need to adhere to regulations pertaining to cooking and food for your guests. Here are some of the key cooking considerations that you should have when scouting for a function venue.

Enquire about using your own caterer

The food choices you make for you function could make or break your entire event. You want the food to be memorable--but not because the food was bad. You want the food to be sufficient or you will end up with grumbling guests. This is why a choice of a caterer is one of the most important decisions that you can make. If you are planning to use your own choice of caterer, you will have to enquire with the venue owners if this would be allowed. Some venues, especially those that already have a kitchen running, may prohibit the use of outside catering so as to ensure their kitchen profits from events held at their premises. On the other hand, other venues may allow you to use your own caterer, but they could charge you additional fees. Before making a choice on your function venue, ensure you know the parameters allowed to you in regards to outside catering.

Enquire about cooking on the premises

Other than knowing whether you can use your own caterer or not, you need to find out if you are allowed to cook on the premises. Some people take this for granted as they assume once you have secured using your own caterer, that the venue's kitchen facilities would be open for use too. This is not always the case. Some venues may give you the permission to have your own caterer, but they may require you to ensure the food is pre-cooked before it arrives on their premises. This works toward ensuring they are not footing extra utility costs such as electricity and water in their kitchen. On the other hand, some venues may allow your caterer to cook onsite, but at a makeshift kitchen on their grounds rather than in their kitchen. Always establish what is expected of your choice caterer to avoid any inconveniences down the road.