4 Authentic Sichuan Dishes For Meat Lovers

Sichuan is a southwestern Chinese province that has a rich culinary style. Traditional dishes are packed with fresh vegetables and spices and are completely different to the dishes you find in Chinese restaurants that have been modified to mimic the tastes Australians are familiar with. Garlic, ginger and chillies are used abundantly, and the region has its own spice, called Sichuan pepper, which has strong citrusy notes. Pickled vegetables are often added to meals, and meat is almost always present. Read More 

Sparkling wines for all tastes

No matter what the occasion a sparkling wine can help it feel a little more celebratory. Here are some of your options.   Sparkling white wines Sparkling white wines are probably the most common option. The traditional sparkling wine is the Champagne style, which hails from the Champagne region of France and uses a traditional method called Méthode Champenoise. These wines obtain the bubbles from the fermentation process. Any wine made outside of the Champagne region, even if made in the traditional method, needs to be a sparkling white wine. Read More 

First Time With Oysters? Keep These Tips In Mind

It's often slightly intimidating to try a new kind of food, but oysters can be particularly unnerving for those that have never sampled them before. However, they can also be absolutely delicious, so it's always worth giving them a shot. Here are a few things to keep in mind the first time that you do. Start Small and Mild If it's your first time, try ordering with that in mind. Most restaurants will let you order by size, so opt for a less intimidating 'small' rather than a 'large'. Read More 

How to save money on the catering for your wedding

A wedding is a large event that requires a lot of planning and consideration. It can also become quite an expensive event. One of the largest costs you'll have to pay for your wedding might be the catering. Most guests expect to be offered high quality food and drink presented by professional caterers, and that won't come cheap. However, there are ways to cut back on your catering budget without cutting back on quality. Read More 

Tips On How To Plan A Stress-Free Buffet For Your Party

When planning for an upcoming event, it's important you pay close attention to details and only get the most important items on the buffet. When you pick your buffet options or package put into consideration key attributes of your party. Below is a guideline on essential basics that will help you plan a stress-free buffet. The Keep It Simple Rule You may want your guests to have the best experience at your party, but having many items on the buffet list won't necessarily get you the best offer. Read More