Vegetarian Delight | 4 Fabulous Dish Ideas To Make The Potato Your Party Hero

If you're trying to come up with a super innovative idea for your next party, a single vegetarian ingredient like the potato can help you don the hat of a creative chef. Whether you choose to throw a mixed veg and non-veg or an all veg party in your home, let these fabulous dish ideas help you make the potato your party hero. All you need is to purchase some commercial bulk potatoes (enough for your guests) and you're good to go!

Make A Scrumptious Statement With Oven Roasted Potato And Toppings

Oven roasted potato is one of the most versatile dishes because it can go with virtually everything –– whether you pair it with other vegetarian or meat dishes and toppings. Supremely easy to prepare, you simply need to wash and then poke these commercial bulk potatoes with a fork and roast them in the oven until they turn soft. Once done, you can serve them with toppings like sour cream, chives, guacamole, crispy bacon, corn, chilli, roast pork, braised beef, grilled chicken and much more.

Crisp Them Up For Some Cracking Fun

Forget those store-bought potato chip packets and start your own homemade preparation. Potato chips are easy to make once you cut them into fine slices with a slicing tool. Simply deep fry or bake them until they become nice and crisp. Marinate them in different sauces like barbeque, chilli and Worcestershire to create unique flavours. Serve them with a load of different dips like yoghurt, pesto or hummus to give them added dimension. If you don't want to do the hard work of cutting, you should be able to purchase wholesale pre-cut potatoes to your specifications.

Crush Them To Delightfully Accompany Your Steaks And Sausages

Barbeque fired steaks and sausages will feel incomplete without some great accompaniments like salads and (you got it) mash potatoes. Boil them and crush them with a potato mashing tool. Add butter, cream, milk and seasoning for flavour. Mash potato serves as a delightful accompaniment to several types of meat and vegetarian dishes, so add this easy-to-prepare recipe to your repertoire.

Craft Finger Licking Deep-Fried Potato Cubes With Creamy Pepper Mushroom Sauce

Cut your commercial bulk potatoes into small cubes and deep-fry them in a fryer to make them crispy brown on the outside. Prepare a creamy pepper mushroom sauce and pour it over the potatoes or serve it as a dipping sauce for your guests. The creaminess of the mushroom sauce will pair scrumptiously with the crispiness of the deep-fried potato cubes.

Use these fabulous dish ideas to make the potato your party hero. Commercial bulk potatoes are easy to procure and can help you turn your party into a grand success.