Making a bouquet of multiple-layered chocolate and cellophane flowers for a special friend

Use layers of different types of chocolate to produce magic, multi-layered chocolates at the centre of the 'flowers' in a chocolate bouquet to give to a special friend. 

Designing the flowers:

The flowers in the bouquet are made of mini cake pops covered with layers of different coloured chocolate. These are them covered with layers of cellophane.

Making the cake pops:

Combine crumbled sponge cake with either vanilla or chocolate butter icing to form a paste. Make a small ball out of this paste and attach it to the top of a short wooden or bamboo stick.

Repeat this process to produce at least 12 mini cake pops.

Covering the mini cake pops with chocolate:

  • Put about one centimetre of water in four small saucepans. Put these on the stove.
  • Place a metal bowl into each saucepan. The bowls should be suspended by the saucepans.
  • Allow the water in the saucepans to simmer. Put squares of white, caramel, milk and dark chocolate into each bowl and leave them to melt.
  • Dip three of the mini cake pops into each of the types of chocolate. Make sure that the whole ball is well covered by the chocolate.
  • Push the sticks of the chocolate balls into a piece of polystyrene so that they stand.  Put all the balls into the fridge to harden.
  • When the first layer of chocolate is hardened, repeat the process a number of times. Make sure that you change the type of chocolate used for each ball for each dipping.

You should finish with eight layers of chocolate on each ball.

Covering the chocolate balls:

  • Take four cellophane sheets of different colours.
  • Cut six squares of 5cm x 5cm from each sheet.
  • Place two different coloured squares of cellophane together. Push the sharp end of the stick of one of the chocolate balls through the middle of the two squares of cellophane.
  • Wrap the cellophane around the chocolate ball. Secure the cellophane at the top of the ball with a thin rubber band.
  • Spread the ends of the cellophane out to look like flowers.

Making the chocolate bouquet

Take three of the chocolate and cellophane flowers. Secure these together with a rubber band. Cover the band with a pretty ribbon.

Repeat this process with the other flowers, so that you have four groups of flowers.

Now put the four groups together in a narrow necked glass jar. Cover the jar with a piece of cellophane, secured around the neck of the jar with a rubber band. Cover this band with a pretty ribbon.