Sparkling wines for all tastes

No matter what the occasion a sparkling wine can help it feel a little more celebratory. Here are some of your options.  

Sparkling white wines

Sparkling white wines are probably the most common option. The traditional sparkling wine is the Champagne style, which hails from the Champagne region of France and uses a traditional method called Méthode Champenoise. These wines obtain the bubbles from the fermentation process. Any wine made outside of the Champagne region, even if made in the traditional method, needs to be a sparkling white wine.

These wines have two main flavour varieties, which are sweet and dry. The drier, yeasty style of wine was traditional in Champagne production but as wine production grew around the world many producers made a lighter and sweeter style of wine to meet other tastes. The sweetness is controlled by both the grape varieties in the initial blend of wines, and the amount of sugar and yeast added at the bottling stage to produce the bubbles. 

Sparkling white wines are a traditional aperitif and are a great choice to toast. 

Sparkling roses

Roses are blends of white and red wine, which gives the wine an elegant salmon-pink colour. The combination of red and white wines gives a lot of flexibility to create unique taste profiles combining the citrusy notes of white wines and the deep berry and tannin notes from red wine. It's a great choice for drinking over canapes or as part of a cocktail as the colour can add an extra interesting dimension to mixed drinks.

Sparkling red wines

Australians have not traditionally drunk as much sparkling red wine, although the Italian styles of sparkling red such as Lambrusco have a solid pedigree. There is a growing number of Australian producers making sparkling red wines using the lighter style of reds such as  shiraz or pinot noir. These wines are served chilled and it's a great way to enjoy a tasty red wine on a hot day. The bubbles accentuate the fruit flavours of the wine. These can be a great option for the special Christmas lunch. 

No matter kind of wine you enjoy, sparkling wines can be a great choice for summer drinking and celebrations. There are tasty options available at any budget, with local wines generally more affordable than imported wines. If you are looking to try a different style of sparkling wine why not call a wine supplier and organise a tasting session.