Tips On How To Plan A Stress-Free Buffet For Your Party

When planning for an upcoming event, it's important you pay close attention to details and only get the most important items on the buffet. When you pick your buffet options or package put into consideration key attributes of your party. Below is a guideline on essential basics that will help you plan a stress-free buffet.

The Keep It Simple Rule

You may want your guests to have the best experience at your party, but having many items on the buffet list won't necessarily get you the best offer. Avoid having one too many options, especially the complicated or messy type of foods. Food choices such as a taco bar are not the best for a buffet with a line of numerous food items.

You can make your buffet simple by offering a maximum of two different types of each food category, such as salads or proteins. Also, it's better to do a few high-end meat options such as the T-bone, instead of having five different types of meat. This is important because, in most cases, you and your guests will probably have just two proteins.

Reduce Traffic

It's not mandatory for you to offer the option of self-service for all the food items on the buffet. You can opt to have starters and salads served for each guest so as to reduce movement and commotion. Remember that people eat at different rates. So, instead of starting the function with too much action happening, let your guests settle in and focus as they eat their starters.

Consult your caterer on how to approach this strategy, and get to know how much it will cost for the self-service. Some caterers may offer the service as part of the package, and some may charge extra for having guests served at the table. This idea is also especially helpful if your event has many guests and the venue or room in use is not amply spacious.

The Best Bet

You don't want to find that your Caprese salad is the most expensive item on the list because the tomatoes had to be imported. Well, to avoid unpleasant surprises, always go for foods that are in season. Out of season foods will hike your budget and probably force you to drop some key food items on your menu.

Inquire from your catering service provider about the foods in season. Otherwise, if you really want a particular food item that is out of season and expensive, you may try to shop around for the lowest prices available. However, placing such orders is best when you have plenty of time to order and wait for delivery.

Choosing your buffet package can be exciting and quite an adventure. However, don't get carried away by the excitement and fail to get the most appropriate and convenient buffet menu for your event.